About the project


Day retreats following an experiential journey through the arts. 

The day is an interactive experience weaving through yogic practices, holistic movement, art, and nutritional awareness.  The intention being that we acquire these practices not with the end aim of becoming artist, dancer, or yogini, but with acquiring tools with which to both deal with our lives, challenges and deepen our experience of everyday life.  A creative gaze into your own heroine’s journey creating a reflective space cultivating vitality, strength, community, and a coming home to yourself.

The heroine’s journey encourages us to question and rethink how misdirected and disrespected feminine energy in our society can lead to a scattering of our innate life force, and how we may recover it at our own pace.

Open to all women.

Day retreats for young women

Day retreats for young women in their teens including the same practices but with more emphasis on nutritional awareness, more directed focus around movement and a