What's Involved

The retreat day journeys through interactive experiences with different arts. Offering an opportunity to develop tools designed to connect, create, empower and align. All of these practices are designed to be accessible to all regardless of experience, skill and knowledge.


Both Jade and Hannah have devoted years into researching folk, temple and holistic dances from around the world, exploring how physical movement in many traditional cultures has been used as a precious tool for transformative evolution of the self, as well as building and sustaining community.  By cultivating the body’s fundamental strength and recognising its natural softness we can gather our innate life force into a more focused direction.


This part of the day introduces a sequence designed as a moving meditation to be done as a self practice tool. The movements represent the importance of developing  awareness of our inner power together with a need to release and feel.

It is designed from many different dance traditions weaving elements of Classical Indian dance, the raw and primordial movements found in Middle-Eastern  dance, the language of Goddess archetypes, mudra and breathwork.

Yogic Practices

Working with the breath, postures, nidra, and yin yoga approaches to connect to the the heart centre. This practice encourages space, permission to restore, a nurturing of the parasympathetic system and encouragement to listen to our own intuition.

Therapeutic Art

Based on the principle of art being a tool for communication, the retreat will offer you an opportunity to use the art materials as a form of exploration and expression in a safe non judgemental space. A range of materials will be available ; clay, paint, pastels, charcoal and natural objects taken from the local environment.  The focus is on the process of creating rather on the finished piece of art.