The Heroine's Path is a collective of female holistic artists bringing you experiential journeys that follow the rhythmic nature of our existence in connection with the seasons and cycles of the Earth. By honouring and observing the Celtic wheel of the year, we become receptive to our feminine nature; our intuitive wisdom, emotional intelligence and creative flow.



We invite you to be guided with ritual as the container, nature as the initiator, the elements as allies and each other as witnesses,  Together we map out our inner landscapes and deepen the relationship with self.


The hero's journey is one we are all familiar with. The very foundations of our society are built upon patriarchal structures of placing value on outward goals and achievements, competition over each other, hierarchical systems; striving, pushing, control and false power.


The Hero slays the dragon, the Heroine makes friends with her, nurtures her; absorbs her wisdom, forming a bond that empowers both and benefits all.


True alchemy is the process of transmuting our pain into our conscious power, so that we can become who we really are and regain sovereignty. It is through walking with our shadows that we come to know our light. When we find the triggers that challenge us, we can then use them to propel us deeper into the wisdom of our existence. 


Drawing on ancient wisdom and practices from across the globe that have assisted each of us individually on our personal journeys, we pave out a songline that honours the path of the feminine. A path that listens and responds, that acknowledges our inner world as much as our outer and that supports the growth of the whole.



The Heroines Path encourages us to question and reflect on how misdirected and disrespected feminine energy in our society can lead to a scattering of our innate life force and how we may recover it at our own pace.

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