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 The Heroine's Path shares an experiential journey of holistic practices, co-creation with nature, movement medicine, and ritual, with the Celtic wheel of the calendar as our anchor and guide.  We follow the maps of nature, the seasons and the wisdom of the cosmos in our search for reclamation of self, belonging and the deep feminine that resides within us all.

Our circles are usually held in London and Surrey/Sussex. During these times of connection in separation, and love in exile we are sharing some of our practices online.

Our next celebration is :


August 1st

After passing through the portal, the doorway, the fire laced gateway of Summer Solstice, we now rest in the stillness of high summer, full blazing sunshine, sweet rain, the peace after the storm. ⁣⁣

We stand at the edge of the precipice; the breath before the beginning of our descent where we meet the Feminine, the great mother, the yin principle within and that which has no form.


Lammas is our harvest; that of the earth and this year's cycle upon our heroine's path. It is a place to seek gratitude, to give offering and time to feel relationship with the land we stand upon. It is the place where our feelings of Belonging, or not belonging reside.




This August we are offering two different ways in which to honour this turn of the wheel....





You will receive links to 3 practices to be experienced in your own space at your own time. These are to be completed before August 2nd when you are invited to an online sharing circle on  ZOOM (on 5th August 7-8pm).






1st August 2010, Sussex/Surrey


An outdoor journey near Night Pastures ( see below for address) with a small group. All social distancing rules apply.

This will involve a 30 minute walk to the woodland, where we will pause for our practices and ritual before returning on our circular journey.



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About Night Pastures

Night Pastures is a high quality sustainable natural retreat venue in the heart of the South Downs National Park, set in 3,000 acres of picturesque Sussex countryside.

 The retreat is held in the handcrafted central yurt and surrounding woodland, offering us the freedom to experience being in a a calm and beautiful setting.

*Easily accessible from London (via Waterloo to Haslemere-Surrey in 50 minutes).Wellies encouraged! There is a cosy fire lit in the yurt but you will want warm clothes for when we go outside.

For further information on Night Pastures : http://nightpastures.com

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